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Tony has touched on something in the penultimate paragraph of his comment.

A good many of George Melachrijno's recordings were indeed released in the USA, for the local market, but I would suspect that this was done very selectively. I will offer an opinion that the recordings that did make it here may or may not have shown him off at his best, but were selected to pander to popular taste at the time. Just about as many did not get here, and at the time it was our loss, although this situation is being remedied today.

This is even more obviously the case with Peter Yorke, whose scant representation of recordings in the USA was limited to the recordings he made with his orchestra, with or without Freddie Gardner, of popular standards, also intended for the local market here in response to popular taste. These offered little clue as to the extent of his real skills, as a composer, whose works showed great individuality and deserved to be better known (exactly as with George Melachrino). and here too, the matter is being rectified.

As for Charles Williams, virtually nothing of his ever saw the light on this side of the Atlantic save for one single offering "The Dream of Olwen" which was available here anyway in a very similar presentation by Mantovani.

And this causes me to wonder how many of our own outstanding efforts along these lines have made it to the UK and are familiar even to specialists in the field on that side of the Atlantic.