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BRITISH LIGHT OVERTURES Volume 1 Caramba (William Blezard); Overture to a Costume Comedy (Stanley Black); Overture and Beginners (James Langley); Tantivy Towers (Thomas Dunhill); Boy Wizard (Herbert Chappell); Festive Overture (Walter Carroll); Overture to an Unwritten Comedy (Michael Hurd); The Arcadians (Lionel Monckton); A Spa Overture (Philip Lane); Concert Overture (Thomas Pitfield); Sussex Symphony Overture (Paul Lewis) Royal Ballet Sinfonia conducted by Gavin Sutherland ASV CDWHL 2130, total playing time 66:27. Is there no limit to what Philip Lane can unearth from the Light Music archives of this country? In his latest marvellous mid-price offering from ASV we are treated to another collection of recovered gems interspersed with some outstanding contemporary pieces. Apart from The Arcadians, they will be unfamiliar to most of us but hopefully not for too long. Tantivy Towers was a 1931 musical staged at the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith while A Spa Overture is based on Philip Lane’s home town of Cheltenham. An interesting set of sleeve notes explains how all the other overtures came into being together with a potted biography of each composer. How fortunate we are that several major record companies now recognise the public interest in Light Music. If only the BBC would do the same! Peter WorsleyThere may be (though one doubts it!) readers of ‘Keeping Track’ who believe that enough is as good as a feast, and that eleven overtures – one after another – are a bit much. But programmability is one of the real benefits of CD Audio. If it’s some time since you last heard Stanley Black’s delightful pastiche, or the jolly and almost indecently tuneful Monckton/ Wood concoction, and wish to discover lots more equally super music herein – I can safely say: go out, get this, programme it judiciously and it will give enjoyment unlimited. Plus mark: the evocative inlay cover photo (Stanton High Street in the Cotswolds, with not a horseless carriage in sight). John E. Govier The above reviewers have almost said it all, but has anyone heard a better overture composed in the past five years than theSussex Symphony Overture by Paul Lewis? What sheer exuberance, coupled with melodious charm and sensitivity. David Ades

ERIC COATES – British Light Music (Volume 2) Calling All Workers; Springtime – Suite; From Meadow to Mayfair – Suite; With a Song in my Heart – Symphonic Rhapsody; London Again – Suite; By the Tamarisk; The Three Bears – Phantasy. Eric Coates conducting various orchestrasNaxos Historical 8110182, total playing time 62:20 minutes. If you missed the Conifer collections of Eric Coates’ recordings some years ago, then you may wish to consider this recent release of some of the finest Light Music ever composed. The transfers are just about acceptable, but not up to the standard we have come to expect these days. Naxos should exercise greater quality control over their historical issues, otherwise there is a danger that they will acquire a reputation for being inferior to others. Unfortunately this comment also applies to the technical quality of the Ketèlbey CD reviewed below. David Ades

ALBERT KETÈLBEY Volume 2 The Sacred Hour; Bells Across the Meadows; In a Fairy Realm – Suite; Algerian Scene; Fairy Butterfly; King Cupid; In the Mystic Land of Egypt; Wedgewood Blue; Sanctuary of the Heart; In a Persian Market; A Dream of Christmas; In a Monastery Garden Various Orchestras and Singers NAXOS 8110848, 61:42 mins. Another splendid collection of Ketèlbey originals from the Tens, Twenties and Thirties but this time including a vocal flavour. The singers on various tracks are Peter Dawson, Florence Smithson, Dennis Noble, Nellie Walker, Robert Easton and Oscar Natzke, while Albert Sandler also pops up with a violin solo. Ketèlbey himself conducts most of the pieces but also wielding the baton are Ray Noble, Henry Geehl and Charles Prentice. The transfers are clean and melodious, making this a most welcome addition to the repertoire, especially the seldom heard and truly delightful In a Fairy RealmPeter Worsley

SALONORCHESTER SCHWANEN conducted by GEORG HUBER Salon Orchestra Favourites Volume 2 Blauer Himmel (Josef Rixner); Funiculi Funicula (Luigi Denza); Avant de Mourir (Georges Boulanger); South of the Alps (Ernst Fischer); Blue Tango, Belle of the Ball (Leroy Anderson); Dark Eyes (A. Ferraris); Gerhardt Winkler Medley (Winkler); A Media Luz (Edgardo Donato); Midnight on the Alster (Oscar Fetras); Puszta Fox (Mihaly Erdelyi); I Kiss Your Hand Madame (Ralph Erwin).Naxos 8555344, time 65:41 mins. Yet more classic Light Music from ‘the day before yesterday’ stylishly and sympathetically performed by musicians of today. Auditioning this release via headphones brought it home to me once again: Light music is rather more than just a succession of nice tunes – performances with this degree of intimacy and understanding bring out all the harmonic subtleties and rhythmic nuances which prove it! If you enjoyed the previous volume, I’ve no doubt that you will approve of this one. John E. Govier

GREAT OPERETTA RECORDINGS Pirates of Penzance & Trial By Jury Naxos 8.110196/7 D’Oyly Carte Opera Company conducted by Isidore Godfrey. Attention all G & S fans because here is another great complete historic recording to add to HMS Pinafore and The Mikado already in the Naxos bargain bag. Dating from 1949 it features all the greats of the time with Martyn Green and Darrell Fancourt leading the way. There is little more to say – it’s a bargain – and with Trial By Jurytoo! Edmund Whitehouse All Naxos CDs are available from the RFS record Service.

LIGHT CLASSICS Dance Music From Old Vienna Naxos 8.555689 A collection of 15 waltzes, galops and polkas recorded in the mid-19th Century style by the modern Tanzqurett Wienn, from which you will deduce that all the track listings are in German – although fortunately not the sleeve notes which have an English version by Keith Anderson. This is salon music from the high point of Viennese culture. If that is your thing then you will enjoy this well-recorded disc. Edmund Whitehouse

LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA / ANDRÉ PREVIN ‘Previn Conducts Korngold’ Film Scores from: "The Sea Hawk", "The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex", "Captain Blood" and "The Prince and the Pauper" Deutsche Grammophon 471347-2, 67:57 mins. In recent years admirers of Korngold’s work (both for films, and in the classical sphere) have been well-served with recordings. One could be forgiven for wondering if another release was necessary, but any such doubts should be dispelled within minutes of listening to this superb new recording. The London Symphony under Andre Previn perform magnificently, and Korngold’s glorious scores have never sounded better.David Ades

ENGLISH STRING MINIATURES Volume 4 Peter Hope – Momentum Suite; Frank Bridge – Two Pieces; Adam Carse – Two Sketches; Ernest Tomlinson – Graceful Dance; Gustav Holst – A Moorside Suite; Frederick Delius – Two Aquarelles; Paul Lewis – English Suite Northern Sinfonia conducted by David Lloyd-Jones Naxos 8555070, 62:14 mins. Mining the rich and apparently bottomless seam of English string music, this team has struck gold again! Another opus from the ever-fresh imagination of Peter Hope; two student pieces by Frank Bridge ‘rescued’ by Paul Hindmarsh; something on record at last by Adam Carse (and high time, too); and a charming interlude by one of Light Music’s most distinctive voices – Ernest Tomlinson. Then there is Holst’s string arrangement of a National Contest piece for brass bands (available complete on disc at last, nearly 70 years on); Eric Fenby’s transcriptions of two Delius part-songs – magically atmospheric – and Paul Lewis’s totally endearing English Suite with its ‘spot the real ending’ finale! What a bargain! John E. Govier

TWILIGHT MEMORIES Vintage British Light Music Curtain Up (Lambert Williamson); Sea Songs(Vaughan Williams); Folk Tune (Percy Fletcher); Waltz from The Three Bears (Eric Coates); Ascot Parade (Jack Strachey); Prunella - white kitten interlude (Leslie Bridgewater); Fiddle Dance (Percy Fletcher); The Young Ballerina - potter’s wheel interlude music (Charles Williams); Fireflies (Peter Yorke); Dance of an Ostracised Imp (Frederic Curzon); Muse in Mayfair - spinning wheel interlude music (Vivian Ellis); They Ride By Night (Charles Williams); Fandango (Sidney Torch); Shadow Waltz(Clive Richardson); Caprice for Strings (Edward White); Downland - ploughing interlude music (Cecil Milner); Wagon Lit (Sidney Torch); Goodwood Galop (Robert Farnon); Looking Around - Appleyards theme tune (Lloyd Thomas); Cumberland Green (Walter Collins); Cloudland (Bruce Campbell); Mock Turtles (Angela Morley); Petticoat Lane (Eric Siday); Strings on Wings (Ken Mackintosh); Twilight Memories (Granville Bantock). ASV LIVING ERA CD AJA 5419, 75:24 mins. The superb atmospheric colour picture on the front speaks volumes with vintage London taxis queueing outside a busy London Pavilion under the shadow of Eros in Piccadilly Circus. Twilight memories indeed with no fewer than four of the early television interlude tunes included on this marvellous new compilation by Philip Lane, Ray Crick and David Ades, with excellent sleeve notes by the latter. Vaughan Williams’ familiarSea Songs remind us of Billy Bunter being pursued by Mr. Quelch and one can almost feel the horses thundering across the South Downs in Goodwood Galop. They Ride By Night is virtually Dick Barton, Part 2 and while many of the other tunes may look unfamiliar you are sure to recognise some of them. Others will be new and that is no bad thing. Great value at mid-price. More please! Edmund Whitehouse

‘THINGS TO COME’ Original Film Music Themes 1936-1947 Things To Come; Dangerous Moonlight; The Night Has Eyes; Bambi; Love Story; The Way To The Stars; While I Live; SpellboundVarious orchestras Naxos 8120597, 60:23 mins. An interesting, and sometimes surprising, mixture of film themes which have almost all been available before on other CDs. Again I have to sound a note of caution regarding the quality of the sound restoration: these days it should be better than this.David Ades

BERLIN PHILHARMONIC conducted by NICO DOSTAL ‘In My Mountains’ Fr?hliches Spiel, Spanische Skizzen, Wiener Erinnerungen, Blues-Fantasie, Ein Mond für Verliebte, In Meinen Bergen.CPO 9998112, playing time 54:10 mins. This is a reissue of a famous LP that will delight our German RFS members. Others wishing to explore new musical pastures will also find it very enjoyable. David Ades

FAMOUS OPERETTA MELODIES Excerpts from: The Gypsy Baron, Pique Dame, The Birdseller, Gasparone, La Belle Hé/ène, Boccaccio, Sir Pazman, The Beggar Student, Countess Dubarry, The Opera Ball, Orpheus in the Underworld, The Envchanted Castle, A Night in Venice, Woodruff, La Poupée, Bluebird, Hunt for Fortune, Die Fledermaus, The Pearl of Iberia, Berlin Weeps and Laughs, Fatinitza, Apajune, The Tales of Hoffman, The Bells of Corneville, The Kahlenberg Village Polka The Raphaele Concert Orchestra conducted by Peter Walden and Erwin Rondell ASV CDWLZ 261 (2 CDs), 142:38 mins. This is a commercial release of the two Mozart Edition CDs which were available through the RFS several years ago – Volume 1 MECD1002, & Volume 2 MECD1004.

ENGLISH BASSOON CONCERTOS Concerto in D (Eric Fogg); Concertino (John Addison); Concertino (Peter Hope); Summer Music (Arthur Butterworth*) – Graham Salvage (bassoon) and the Royal Ballet Sinfonia conducted by Gavin Sutherland ASV CD WHL2132, 75:51 mins. For far too long, and probably on account of its appearance, the bassoon carried an undeserved stigma as the low comedian of the orchestra. People forgot (if indeed they knew) that Mozart and Weber wrote delightful concertos for the instrument, and failed to notice its many expressive solos throughout the concert repertoire. True, it hasn’t had quite the same degree of solo exposure as the oboe, flute or clarinet. This CD makes a fully worthy companion to "English Oboe Concertos" (see JIM 148, page 62). There are no end of beautiful (and truly musical) sounds to delight the ear and stimulate the mind, and the disc is recommended without reserve to all bassoon devotees and other attentive listeners with a taste for the unexpected. John E. Govier

20th CENTURY CONCERTI Tuba Concerto by John Williams; Harp Concertino by Germaine Tailleferre; Saxophone Concerto by Henri Tomasi; Xylophone Concerto by Toshiro Mayuzumi.Foundation Orchestra conducted by David Snell. ASV LIVING DIGITAL CD DCA 1126. This most unusual disc is to be welcomed simply because it makes pleasant listening and you are therefore unlikely to hear the music on Radio 3! John Williams of Star Wars fame was for many years conductor of the Boston Pops Orchestra while Germaine Tailleferre was the female member of France’s "Les Six". Henri Tomasi was also French while Mayuzumi, despite being Japanese, also wrote for Hollywood film epics. Certain similarities with Ronald Binge can be heard in sections of theSaxophone Concerto but the rest of the CD defies categorisation. This is not a criticism because we must continue to support those who, like ASV, eschew the avant garde and continue to give us music which is pleasing on the ear. Peter Worsley

MANTOVANI AND HIS ORCHESTRA ‘Candlelight’ Candlelight, You Stepped Out of a Dream, Blue Fantasy, Merry-go-round, Stradivarius, Gold and Silver, Brass Buttons, Longing, Heart of Paris, Take my Love, Spring in Montmartre, Song of Sorrento ‘Favourite Melodies Vol. 3’ The Lonely Ballerina, Dusk, Ma Chere Amie, June Night, The Deserted Ballroom, Naila – waltz, Lazy Gondolier, Begin the Beguine, Intermezzo from ‘Cavalleria Rusticana’, Dream Dream Dream, Edelma, Come Back to MeVocalion CDLK4136, 70:51 mins. Editor: the advance details we received for this CD did not indicate that the third volume of ‘Favourite Melodies’ had been chosen. Therefore we regret that the details on page 93 of our last issue were incorrect, and we apologise to our readers for any inconvenience this may have caused.

PEACOCK PIE – English Music for Piano and String Orchestra Concertino (Gordon Jacob, 1895-1984); Concertino (Armstrong Gibbs, 1889-1960); Miniature Suite (Cyril Rootham, 1875-1938); Concertino in E major (Robin Milford, 1903-1959); Suite for Strings and Piano ‘Peacock Pie’ (Gibbs); Festival Scherzo (Madeleine Dring (1923-1977). Martin Roscoe (piano) and the Guildhall Strings, leader Robert Salter Hyperion CDA67316, 60:14 mins. More real music for real music lovers – aural equivalents of our English country lanes and footpaths untainted by packaged tourism. The musical environment to which the works originally belonged (1921 to 1958) may have been a largely insular and conservative one; but these five composers each have something distinctive to offer, and repeated listening will yield fresh delights. I do hope that rather a lot of you will investigate this beautifully-made CD for yourselves..John E. Govier

ANDRE KOSTELANETZ ORCHESTRA ‘The Kostelanetz Touch’ With a Song in my Heart, Tiger Rag, Swamp Fire, Fascinatin’ Rhythm, ‘S Wonderful, Bugle Call Rag, Music of Jerome Kern, Estrellita, Dancing in the Dark, Turkey in the Straw, Poeme, Liebestraum, Manhattan Serenade, Blues in the Night, My Sombrero, Night and Day, Flamingo, Coubacaban, When Day is Done, I’ll see You AgainASV Living Era CD AJA5422, 73:43 mins. There are some of Kosty’s finest tracks in this collection, plus a few that he might have wished had been buried long ago! You certainly get an insight into his varied early career, and this medium-price release will be welcomed by his many admirers. David Ades

CONCERTO FOR ORCHESTRA Three separate pieces entitled Concerto for Orchestra by Edward Gregson, Alun Hoddinott and John McCabe. Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Douglas Bostock Classico CLASSCD 384. All three works are world premieres and Classico are again deserving of congratulation for recording something unusual. Their policy is to release British music previously unheard or unknown, but worth listening to. This CD certainly fits the bill but how does one summarise it? The three composers will probably shoot me for saying it but the nearest descriptive title I can think of is "film music". If you like dramatic scores then this is for you. It is not light music but then nor is it heavy either. Something in between sounds muddled and mundane so the best thing to do is to try it out.    Peter Worsley

THEA KING clarinet, with Northwest Chamber Orchestra of Seattle conducted by Alun Francis Concerto for Clarinet and Strings (Alan Rawsthorne); Mini-Concerto for Clarinet and Strings (Gordon Jacob); Concerto for Clarinet and Strings (Arnold Cooke). Helios CDH55069. Releases featuring concertos and other soloist-orchestra works by British composers (often long undervalued or ignored ones) have been coming out with some frequency lately. In fact, this recital formed one of Hyperion’s early issues, and the LP has been in my own collection since the 1980s. So, assuming you share my enthusiasm for this repertoire, and like the composers too, I feel safe in drawing to your attention this very modestly-priced reissue. John E. Govier

HOLLYWOOD GREATS: ESTHER WILLIAMS. Soundtracks from MGM’s DANGEROUS WHEN WET, Music and Lyrics by Arthur Schwartz and Johnny Mercer, performed by Esther Williams, Fernando Lamas, Jack Carson, Charlotte Greenwood, Denise Darcel, William Demarest, Barbara Whiting, and Donna Corcoran (uncredited), Musical Director George Stoll, Arrangements by Skip Martin (both uncredited). Overture/I Got out of Bed on the Right Side, I Like Men, In My Wildest Dreams, Ain’t Nature Grand, Finale. JUPITER’S DARLING: Music and Lyrics by Burton Lane and Harold Adamson, performed by Esther Williams (dubbed by Jo Ann Greer), Marge and Gower Champion, Howard Keel, Musical Director and Arrangements by David Rose (uncredited). Overture, If This be Slav’ry, I Have a Dream, Hannibal’s Victory March, I Never Trust a Woman, Don’t Let This Night Get away, The Life of an Elephant, Finale. EASY TO LOVE: Music and Lyrics by Mann Curtis and Vic Mizzy, also Cole Porter, performed by Esther Williams (dubbed by Betty Wand) and Tony Martin, Musical Directors, Lennie Hayton and George Stoll (both uncredited), Arrangements by Skip Martin and Pete Rugolo (both uncredited). Overture, Water Sequence, Didja’ Ever!, Look Out! I’m Romantic, Easy to Love, That’s what a Rainy Day is For, Finale. 
(ITALY) HITLAND HG 003 70:23mins

HOLLYWOOD GREATS: JANE RUSSELL. Soundtracks from THE FRENCH LINE, Music and Lyrics by Josef Myrow, Ralph Blane and Robert Wells, performed by Jane Russell, Gilbert Roland and Mary McCarty, Music Arranged and Conducted by Walter Scharf (uncredited). The French Line, Well I’ll be Switched, Any Gal from Texas, Lookin’ for Trouble, What is this that I Feel, Comment Allez Vous, With a Kiss, Wait til you see Paris. 
GENTLEMEN MARRY BRUNETTES performed by Jane Russell,  Anita Ellis (uncredited), Alan Young, Rudy Vallee, Johnny Desmond (uncredited), Robert Farnon (uncredited), MUSICAL DIRECTOR, ROBERT FARNON: Gentlemen Marry Brunettes, You’re  Driving me Crazy, Miss Annabelle Lee, Have You met Miss Jones?, My Funny Valentine, I’ve Got Five Dollars, I Wanna be Loved by You, Daddy, Ain’t Misbehavin’, Finale (ITALY) HITLAND HG 006 55:46 mins

Esther Williams, in her candid autobiography ‘The Million Dollar Mermaid’ (published by Simon and Schuster 1999) was quite happy to admit that her singing voice was invariably dubbed by someone else, which makes a CD celebrating her vocal talents questionable. But this is part of a series of budget priced albums entitled ‘Hollywood Greats’, produced in Milan, which often focuses on unusual soundtrack scores that are presented in a dubious quality reminiscent of the ‘pirate’ LPs of old. Certainly MGM records never chose to issue these Esther Williams movie soundtracks when the films were released. Several orchestral highlights will intrigue MGM aficionados, because you get all the Main Title Overtures (with or without Leo the Lion), plus some ballet and production music. My highlight from ‘Jupiter’s Darling’ is the song ‘I Had a Dream’, which segues into a five minute underwater ballet demonstrating David Rose’s genius. ‘Easy to Love’ includes two Busby Berkeley production numbers, including the seven minute ‘Aquacade’ Finale putting the MGM Studio Orchestra through its paces, as the cameras fast track a team of stunt water-skiers through the Florida everglades. This exhausting sequence is actually an up tempo arrangement of Paul Linke’s genteel ‘Beautiful Spring’, but that remains uncredited in the mostly irrelevant sleeve notes provided by this series of CDs. The audio sounds as if taken from optical tracks of prints of the movies - and that means ‘Jupiter’s Darling’ is not in its original stereo. I discovered this CD at Tower Records in Piccadilly Circus, London. Other MGM scores issued include ‘Athena’, ‘Yolanda and the Thief’ and ‘Everything I have is Yours’. JANE RUSSELL’s vocal talents were amply demonstrated in her Academy Award winning song ‘Buttons and Bows’ from ‘The Paleface’, and in ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ when she had star billing over Marilyn Monroe. Hitland presents us with the soundtracks from two of her lesser- known movies - although ‘soundtrack’ is not true for ‘The French Line’. This turns out to be a muddy and at times distorted transfer of a 10 inch Mercury LP of the film’s songs, plus an opening that bears no resemblance to Walter Scharf’s original bouncy orchestral Main Title. These tracks were all recorded to construct an LP issue and they don’t appear in the order as performed in the film. The one big production number, ‘Any Gal from Texas’ is reduced to shreds, and Jane’s burlesque ‘Lookin’ for Trouble’, originally the risqué finale, appears without the repartee in a number which caused a convenient promotional furore for the movie’s release: interesting how 50’s ‘risqué’ now comes across as high camp. Fortunately the transfer of the 12 inch soundtrack LP of ‘Gentlemen Marry Brunettes’ fares much better, although it’s not quite as bright as my Japanese LP reissue of 1976 and I doubt whether it emanates from the master tapes. Nevertheless, there’s much to enjoy in this one, as we’d come to expect from its distinguished musical director, who creates the sound of a big Hollywood Musical on a British sound stage. The score is a curious one, with only one original song, the rest being taken mainly from the catalogue of Rodgers and Hart, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. Apparently there was a race to prepare all the playback tracks in time, with Bob having to call in Angela Morley and Douglas Gamley for a bit of help at the eleventh hour. Another problem occurred at the playback recording session itself. It was discovered that the singing voice of Scott Brady, the film’s male lead, wasn’t up to scratch, so Bob himself sang the part, proving that he has a fine voice when the occasion demands (and that Mr. Brady had a persuasive agent). Unlike the LP cover, this CD does not give that credit where it falls due. This was always a cleverly produced album, with a mixture of music tracks plus some sections taken from the final mix of the film, i.e. with sound effects and dialogue, to create continuity. The mono LP never had room for any of the Farnon background score, and it was a revelation to see this film on cable television recently and hear it for the first time in stereo. Don’t expect too much from these albums, because they don’t have the superb technical polish and liner notes of such Turner Classics CDs as ‘Romantic Duets from MGM Classics’ (Turner R2 72826) and better still, the 6 box set ‘That’s Entertainment - The Ultimate Anthology of MGM Musicals’ (Turner R2 72182). That one includes a wealth of material in addition to the three ‘That’s Entertainment’ films, much of it never before issued. A detailed track listing can be found on the American website of Both of those issues will give you an insight into quality remastering, because you can compare certain tracks duplicated in the MGM ‘Hollywood Greats’ albums. Richard Hindley

CARROLL GIBBONS and The Savoy Hotel Orpheans Vol. 2 These Bands Made Music (BBC); So Shy; You’re Such a Comfort to Me; Fools Rush In; My Own Folks; Jeepers Creepers; What Harlem Is To Me; The Masquerade Is Over; I’m Just Beginning To Care; I Fall In Love With You Every Day; I Poured My Heart Into a Song; I Used To Be Colour Blind; It’s a Long Long Way to Your Heart; Seal It With a Kiss; Music Puts Me in the Strangest Mood; What’s New; Music for Romance. 77:34 mins. (Australia) Frank Bristow FBCD74.

Volume 3 includes Athlone Radio Programme (April 1933), So Help Me, Heaven on Earth, Love Divided By Two, etc… 79:14 mins (Australia) Frank Bristow FBCD??. Frank Bristow’s CDs are available from him at: 2 Cross Street, Brighton, Victoria, 3186, AUSTRALIA – e-mail .

MELACHRINO ORCHESTRA conducted by GEORGE MELACHRINO ‘Great Show Medleys’ The King and I, Guys and Dolls, The Dancing Years, Deep in my Heart, Gershwin Fantasy, Kismet, The Pajama Game, Summer Song, Three Little Words (Australia) Frank Bristow FBCD80.

BOSTON POPS ORCHESTRA ‘Lollipops’ Look Sharp - Be Sharp, March of the Little Lead Soldiers, Musical Snuff Box, Richard Rodgers Waltz Medley, Entrance of the Little Fauns, Mosquito Dance, Pop Goes the Weasel, Entry of the Boyards, etc… 79:24 mins. (Australia) Frank Bristow FBCD76. I have always regarded the Boston Pops Orchestra (I grew up knowing it as the Boston PromenadeOrchestra) like the proverbial curate’s egg: some of its records were very good, while others I found distinctly boring. No doubt its 78s reflected the kind of music it performed at its public concerts, where it was often necessary to play well-known numbers in order to get the audience inside. Concert promoters have to rely upon the familiar (some people like to know the music they are hearing), but record buyers can be more selective. Frank Bristow’s collection is a faithful representation of the usual fare provided by the Boston Pops, but I wish he had omitted the two selections of old time songs, and I could have done without some of the light classics. Having said that (and you may violently disagree with my very personal opinion!), this CD contains some pleasant surprises. The opening track, Bob Merrick’s Look Sharp – Be Sharp is a splendid bright march, tuneful and uplifting. Another excellent track is Prairie Sky from Dimitri Tiomkin’s score for ‘Duel In The Sun’, which is followed by the more familiar On the Trail to Spanish Bit from the same film. Cuckoo Clock by Castillo is quite charming (and mercifully without too many clock effects), and I enjoyed Jack Mason’s Candlelight Waltz. Victor Herbert’s Dagger Dance from ‘Natoma’ is another welcome inclusion. Full marks, too, for the comprehensive booklet notes. David Ades

DAVID ROSE AND HIS ORCHESTRA ‘Rose Plays Rose’ Volume 2 (Australia) Frank Bristow EXCD26/27, 143 mins. 47 marvellous titles which explore David Rose’s talents to the full (if you prefer to call it genius you wouldn’t get any argument from me), even more so than in the single "Rose Plays Rose" CD I reviewed in JIM 148. Every aspect of the composer / conductor’s range can be found here, from the full orchestral style and sound of Majorca (all 7:10 mins of it), to the swinging Banned in Boston and The Stripper. Along the way we have such old favourites as Holiday for Strings, One Love, Our Waltz, Dance of the Spanish Onion and California Melodies, along with exquisite miniatures like The Tiny Ballerina Who Could Only Dance In The Key of C, Deserted City, Rose of Bel Air, 4.20am, Gay Spirits, Manhattan Square Dance, Waltz of the Bubbles andStringopation. Most of these have become familiar over the years, but even die-hard fans of David Rose like myself can find something new. But all, wither old or new, are equally acceptable, making an enjoyable 2hours 23 mins of the nicest music of this or any year. Arthur Jackson

DEBROY SOMERS BAND ‘Totally Instrumental’ Ice Rink Medley, Sea Songs Medley, Ballroom Memories, Ballads we Love, American Medley, Archibald Joyce Waltzes, Russian Fantasy, Waltz Medley, Carmen Capers, Faust Frolics, 1812 and all That, Happy and Glorious, Let’s Sing a Song, A Stanford Rhapsody (Australia) Frank Bristow FBCD78, 78:48 mins. Alongside all his other projects, Frank Bristow is currently making much of the Debroy Somers repertoire available once again on CD. Almost forgotten today, Somers was very popular in the 1920s and 1930s, and he remained active in London theatres until his death on 27 May 1952. Perhaps his music may have dated more than some of his contemporaries, and maybe the kind of patriotic medleys which were his speciality are out of touch with today’s cynical world as portrayed in the media. (This notion was severely tested in Britain following the death of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, when millions were unashamed to reveal their patriotic feelings. More than one commentator suggested that the media – both press and broadcasting – were out of touch with the true feelings of the population. And following the events of September 11th our American friends also know how to express their love for their country). But to return to Debroy Somers: this CD of instrumentals reveals why he was so popular, with tuneful music delightfully arranged and expertly performed. Alan Bunting’s sound restorations cannot be faulted, and at times are simply amazing. Our grandfathers never knew that the coarse grooves on their 78s contained so much music! David Ades

STEVE TYRELL: STANDARD TIME: It Had To Be You; Until The Real Thing Comes Along; Ain't Misbehavin'; That Old Feeling; Stardust; As Time Goes By plus 9 other songs. 56:02. Columbia CK 86006. Talk about an enjoyable disc! In spite of his weather-beaten, voice, Steve Tyrell has become one America's leading exponents of the great standards. His enthusiasm for the lyrics and the music make up for any vocal shortcomings. The tone of this CD is upbeat starting off with a lively "It Had To Be You" that leaps out of the tracks. Plas Johnson on tenor sax plays great obbligatos and solos on numbers such as "That Old Feeling" while "Toots" Thielemans on harmonica weaves a magic spell over "Stardust" Clark Terry is fabulously inventive on "It Had To Be You". There's also a light hearted tribute to Harry "Sweets" Edison (who passed away shortly after these sessions began) who plays a feathery light muted solo on "Remembering Sweets " (based on "I Can't Give You Anything But Love") .This recording by Steve Tyrell is one the fastest selling CD's in America. Don't take my word for it--just buy this enjoyable recording and find out for yourself. Richard Jessen

SID PHILLIPS AND HIS GREAT JAZZ BAND Hors d’oeuvres, Mood Indigo, Indiana, Lazy River, You Turned the Tables on Me, All Alone, etc.. 24 tracks Vocalion CDLK4122, 63:23 mins. This is a second volume of tuneful jazz from one of Britain’s greatest exponents. No further comment is necessary.

RUSSELL MALONE: HEARTSTRINGS: Heartstrings; How About Me; Loved Ones; You Needed Me; Handful Of Stars; Wind In The Willow plus 4 other selections. 46:08. Verve 314549786-2. Russell Malone has a gorgeously soft tone to his playing which is accented by the lovely scores of Johnny Mandel, Alan Broadbent and Dori Caymmi. Both Mandel scores ( "Heartstrings", "How About Me") are ethereal sounding with something added that the other scores don't have: vibes and harp. Alan Broadbent writes colourful string charts that never sound boring. His best chart is for "You Needed Me" which transcends its country music origins. Dori Caymmi writes interesting harmonic shifts in his writing for "Wind In The Willow". Kenny Barron on piano gets two solos, the most ravishing one being on "Why Try To Change Me". A surprise awaits the ending, for we get the old gospel number "What A Friend We Have In Jesus" which Malone plays in a highly inventive way. This is definitely made for late evening activities--whatever they may be! Richard Jessen

TED HEATH AND HIS MUSIC ‘Ted Heath Personnel’ & ‘Our Kind of Jazz’ Ill Wind, Swinging the Blues, Hey Baby, Idaho, Four Fours, I’ll Remember April, etc… 25 tracks Vocalion CDLK4130, 70:21 mins.

‘My Very Good Friends The Bandleaders’ & ‘TH Swings in Hi-Stereo’ Sing Sing Sing, Sorta Crazy, One O’Clock Jump, I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm, ‘C’ Jam Blues, My Funny Valentine, etc… 23 tracks Vocalion CDLK4139, 73:36 mins. Vocalion are doing a wonderful service to Heath’s countless admirers, who will not hesitate to add these new releases to their collections.

RONNIE ALDRICH and his Piano with the Strings of the London Festival Orchestra ‘Romantic Pianos’ & ‘Magnificent Pianos’ Deep Purple, More Than You Know, I’ll Never Smile Again, Embraceable You, Don’t Blame Me, I Have Dreamed, September Song, I’m In The Mood For Love, etc… 24 tracks Vocalion CDLK4135, 67:24 mins. Rather surprisingly, Ronnie Aldrich has tended to be ignored on CD reissues, although he has cropped up on various compilations. Mike Dutton has cleverly spotted this gap in the market, and this CD combines two Phase-4 stereo albums containing a vintage selection of standards.

ANDRE KOSTELANETZ: SCENARIOS FOR ORCHESTRA: Jerome Kern: "Showboat" Scenario for Orchestra; Richard Rodgers / Arranged by Robert Russell Bennett: "South Pacific" Symphonic Scenario for Concert Orchestra; Richard Rodgers: "Slaughter On Tenth Avenue" Ballet Music From "On Your Toes"; George Gershwin: An American In Paris; Gershwin: A Symphonic Picture of "Porgy And Bess" (Arranged by Robert Russell Bennett). 73:71. Collectables COTJ-CD-6800. Andre Kostelanetz was once referred to by Columbia Records as "Music's Leading Man". He leads not only the New York Philharmonic but also a studio group as well as the first recordings in an aborted series by The Philadelphia Orchestra "Pops", recorded in the Academy of Music. Jerome Kern was asked by Cleveland Orchestra maestro Artur Rodzinski to write a scenario based on themes from Kern's hit musical "Show Boat". The Philadelphia Orchestra plays magnificently under Kostelanetz as they do for Bennett's arrangement of "South Pacific". "Slaughter" has more than enough menace due to the Philadelphians' golden tone. The two remaining Gershwin works, however, suffer from sloppy editing (due possibly to either the original tapes not being made available or a vain attempt at shortening the duration of the CD). Nevertheless, these are historic performances. To help solve the mystery of the bad edits, members who have Columbias ML 4514, CL 806, ML 4454, ML 4904 are encouraged to contact me via the magazine. Richard Jessen Editor: although this CD was reviewed in our last issue, Richard has raised some queries regarding editing which other members may wish to address.

SUSANNAH McCORKLE: HEARTS AND MINDS: I Can Dream, Can't I?; Love Is Here To Stay; My Attorney Bernie; For All We Know; The Computer Age; I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire plus 9 other songs. 66:39. Concord Jazz CCD-4897- 2. This is the next to last recording by an artist who left us too early. Susannah McCorkle jumped to her death in May of 2001 at the youthful age of 55, having suffered from depression most of her life. She always impressed one as a bright, intelligent person with a clear yet husky voice touched with awesome depths of warmth and humor. Along with a romantic "I Can Dream, Can't I?" are hilarious yet timely songs by Dave Frishberg--"My Attorney Bernie" and a song for all worry warts "What Did I Forget?" For single people getting out of relations, there's a priceless "Feet Do Your Stuff" as well as McCorkle' s own skewering of "The Computer Age (In Motion)." There's the deeply intimate lyrics of "Scars." McCorkle was that rarity of a performer: grace and wit in an increasing insane world. Richard Jessen


SWING ME A SWING SONG A Parade of 22 Great Jazz Vocalists Thursday (Helen Humes with Count Basie); Restless (Helen Ward with Benny Goodman); Don’t Try Your Jive On Me (Una Mae Carlisle); Drop In Next Time You’re Passing (Elizabeth Welch); I Wish I Were Twins (Valaida with Billy Mason); When I Grow Too Old To Dream (Putney Dandridge); Lovable & Sweet (Annette Hanshaw);Dream Man, Make Me Dream Some More (Fats Waller); I Just Couldn’t Take It Baby (Jack Teagarden); Sing Me a Swing Song (Ella Fitzgerald with Chick Webb); Ten Cents a Dance (Ruth Etting); Zaz Zul Zaz (Cab Calloway); Louisiana (Bing Crosby with Paul Whiteman); Three Little Words(Rhythm Boys with Duke Ellington); Troubled Waters (Ivie Anderson with Duke Ellington); I Let a Song Out of My Heart (Connie Boswell); Wha’d Jo Do To Me (Boswell Sisters); Isle of Capri (Wingy Manone); More Than You Know (Mildred Bailey); Am I Blue? (Ethel Waters); One Two Button Your Shoe (Billie Holiday); Thanks a Million (Louis Armstrong). ASV LIVING ERA CD AJA 5077

IT DON’T MEAN A THING …. Ivie Anderson with Duke Ellington It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing; Get Yourself a New Broom; I’m Satisfied; Troubled Waters; My Old Flame; Cotton; Truckin'; Isn’t Love the Strangest Thing?; Kissin’ My Baby Goodnight; Oh Babe, Maybe Someday; Shoe Shine Boy; It Was a Sad Night in Harlem; Did Anyone Ever Tell You?; There’s a Lull in My Life; All God’s Chillun Got Rhythm; Rose of the Rio Grande; When My Sugar Walks Down the Street; I’m Checkin’ Out, Goo’mbye’ A Lonely Co-ed; Stormy Weather; Mood Indigo; Me and You; I Got It Bad and That Ain’t Good; Rocks In My Bed; I Don’t Mind; Empty Bed Blues. ASV LIVING ERA CD AJA 5420. If you like swinging blues then these two latest releases from ASV will have your feet tapping under the table. All Duke Ellington fans will welcome Ivie Anderson’s voice because she was good at her trade and also his longest serving singer. The tracks date from 1937-40 but sadly, she died at her peak, aged only 45 in 1949. If you prefer to mix your swinging blues, however, then the first disc will give you plenty of choice, ranging from the sensational Ethel Waters and Annette Hanshaw in the late-Twenties right through to the end of the Thirties. There is not a weak track amongst them!Edmund Whitehouse All ASV CDs are available from the RFS Record Service.

A GIRL FOR ALL SEASONS Nightride (Rosso, Kennedy); Simone (Gerhard Narholz); Hippy Hoedown (Syd Dale); Cockles and Mussels (Trad. Arr John Curran); Wait Till Friday (Brian Fahey); Love in Montmartre (Jimmy Kennedy); Holiday Jet (Otto Sieben); Milwaukee (Alstone, Kennedy); Funky Trumpets (Johnny Edwards); Country Capers (Kennedy); Chilli Con Vino (James Clarke); Stay Tuned (Kennedy); Somewhere Downtown (Narholz); Have Band Will Travel (Dale); One-Eyes Reilly and the Old Rigadoo (arr. Curran); The Big Race (Narholz); Left Bank Waltz (Kennedy); Bahia Bay (Tony Hatch); A Dash of Nashville 9Kennedy); Hello You (Tony Tape); Up the Down Staircase (Kennedy); Holly Go Lightly (Dale); Feeling Happy (Heidi Pehofer); Gaiety Girl (Vivian Ellis); A Touch of Bossa Nova (Narholz); Slippery Samba (Kennedy); Down by the Severnside (Kennedy). Codename Music CMCD154. Emerging from the "quality recordings" stable  of "Codename Music" who have been responsible in the past for "Cocktail Swing" and the magnificent themes album "Girl In A Suitcase", comes this dynamic CD of instrumentals from Jimmy Kennedy, Tony Hatch, Syd Dale, James Clarke, Brian Fahey and Gerhard Narholz who may be more familiar to you  as Norman Candler.   This CD bursts into melodic array with a Trade Test classic opener Nightride and gently sways through 27 tracks. The Evergreen Players and The Dixie Dynamoes punctuate the disc nicely with old tyme favourites such as Cockles and Mussels and One-Eyed Reilly And The Old Rigadoo. Melodic German 70's instrumentals feature here from the Sonoton Music Library and are the original recordings not released before on any previous production CD. This CD will appeal to members looking more for melody as it does not fall into the category of another production library CD.

Malcolm Batchelor   See advertisement on page 90 for details of how to buy this CD.

HUGO MONTENEGRO Good Vibrations, (Spain) RCA 74321695052. 11 tracks. Timing 28:35. Despite its incredibly short running time this CD is an essential album for any Montenegro fan as it includes his memorable music from the film Lady In Cement, as well as Another Time Another Place, his
theme to The Outcasts US TV show. There are also several superb versions of chart hits including the title track (the Beach Boys classic), Mason Williams Classical Gas and a stunning take of Paul Mauriat’s Love Is Blue, all featuring the Montenegro trademarks -- smooth-as-silk vocals, harpsichord, whistling from sessioner Muzzy Marcellino and tight, up-tempo pop arrangements. This album represents the composer/arranger at his peak in 1969 and is a delight from start to finish. The only fault (as with all these Spanish RCA imports) is that there is room to include two complete albums on the CD and it would have been better value to see the title doubled up with one of Montenegro’s other many albums. In Britain RCA imports are available from larger branches of HMV and HMV mail order (tel 08705 334578). David Noades

HUGO MONTENEGRO Hugo In Wonderland, (Spain) RCA 74321781692. 10 tracks. Timing 36:44. In complete contrast to the above title this 1974 album is a
tribute to the songwriting talents of Stevie Wonder, as well as a showcase for the electronic wizardry of Hugo and John Montenegro as all the titles here feature ARP and Moog synthesisers. However far from being a self-indulgent experiment the electronic sounds have been skilfully blended with a tight rhythm section to produce a hard jazz funk sound which impressed Stevie Wonder so much that he invited the Montenegro’s to contribute to his next album. The more up-tempo titles fare better in this form than the slower ballads, but the whole album works. Highlights include a breezy, jazzy take ofToo High, the funky stomp of Living For The City and an urgent, up-tempo reading of the classicSuperstition, with some bizarre electronic effects. The album features a host of famous session names including appropriately Tamla Motown’s bassist Carol Kaye, Larry Carlton (guitar), Tom Scott (woodwind) and keyboard player Clare Fischer best known for her work with Henry Mancini. As with all these Spanish RCA re-issues the album comes with its original artwork and sleevenotes. In Britain RCA imports are available from larger branches of HMV and HMV mail order (tel 08705 334578).David Noades

Various Artists, St Pauli Affairs, (Germany) Diggler Records DIG 002. 18 tracks, 47:46 mins. There has been a growing interest in European film and TV music in recent years and this compilation sees a host of themes lifted from the German Reeperbahn films which ran from 1968 to 1973. These were a series of police dramas based around Hamburg’s red light district, and this is reflected in the music with cheesy, kitsch nightclub sounds featuring organ, brass, wah-wah guitars and scat vocals (in a similar style to the Chappell Library Kitsch Pop collections). This nicely package collection brings together the best of Germany’s composers including Peter Thomas, Roland Kovak, Erwin Halletz and Sigfried Franz, with evocative titles such as Go-Go-GirlHunter’s BeatHippy Dibby and Beat In Steel. Annoyingly the sleevenotes are all in German and so we are denied a history of the films (which UK audiences have never seen) but nevertheless the music is a pleasant upbeat collection which will appeal to lovers of kitsch, sixties sounds. In Britain this is available from larger branches of Virgin and HMV and HMV mail order (tel 08705 334578). David Noades

DUDLEY MOORE Bedazzled OST, Harkit Records HRKCD 8001. 13 tracks, Timing 38.55. This long-overdue reissue is the score from the 1968 Peter Cook and Dudley Moore film which was recently (and unnecessarily) remade. Before making it as a comedy actor Moore was already a highly respected jazz and classical pianist with a string of albums to his name, and here he leads his famous jazz trio through a series of sophisticated arrangements, supported by sax, trombone, flute and string orchestra. The score is based around three main
themes played in a variety of styles, used to great comic effect in the film, alongside two decidedly tongue-in-cheek pastiches of pop songs with vocals by Cook and Moore, plus the totally hilariousLeaping Nuns' Chorus which has to be heard to be believed. It helps to see the film to fully understand that the music is an integral part of the comedy, but the music works equally well on its own and this stylish score proves that Dudley Moore was an accomplished composer. (NB: His score to the movie Thirty Is A Dangerous Age Cynthia has also been recently issued on CD). In Britain this is available from larger branches of HMV and HMV mail order (tel 08705 334578). David Noades

Various, Billion Dollar Caine, Top Kapi Records 057, 30 tracks, 64:17 mins. This unusual collection brings together no less than 16 themes taken from various cult-appeal Michael Caine films interspersed with selections of classic dialogue. Three tracks are appearing on CD for the first time, namely the haunting title theme and Skidoo from Billion Dollar Brain (by Richard Rodney Bennett), and singer Cher’s original rendition of the Bacharach/David’s Alfie theme, but the other selections from The Ipcress FileThe Italian Job and Get Carter work well in this setting, especially with the linking dialogue. This will appeal to fans of Sir Michael, as well as acting as a nice sampler for the soundtracks of the featured films, with compositions by Quincy Jones, Roy Budd, Sonny Rollins and John Barry. In Britain this is available from Rhythm Records, London (tel 0207 2670123). David Noades

WILSON MALONE, Deathline OST, Spinney 002 CD. 2 tracks. 21:35 mins. Really an extended CD single, this two track disc features the title theme and a 17-minutesuite of incidental pieces from an obscure 1972 British horror movie, known in the US somewhat provocatively by the alternate titleRaw Meat. The film concerns a series of mysterious deaths in tunnels on the London Underground, which it is eventually discovered are committed by a wretched creature that was trapped in the tunnels many years ago and now lives on human flesh! The music is appropriately disturbing, combining elements of big band, progressive rock and experimental jazz and was composed by pop songwriter/producer Wilson Malone (formerly with progressive rock bands Orange Bicycle and Motherlight). This release was born out of a late night viewing of the film by soundtrack fan Paul Lamden who thought the music deserved a wider audience and issued it on his own independent label. It’s certainly worth investigation, however while the main theme is quite listenable in an eerie, hypnotic way, the incidental pieces are perhaps a little too disturbing without the aid of the accompanying visuals. In Britain this CD should be available at mid price from larger branches of HMV and HMV mail order (tel 08705 334578).  David Noades

QUINCY JONES, The Italian Job OST, MCA MCD 60074/112488-2, 12 tracks, 28:06 mins. Another long-overdue re-issue of a classic soundtrack, this time from the pen of Quincy Jones. When a top US composer is invited to write the score for what is essentially a very British picture, the result was bound to be interesting, and here it is quite magnificent. It kicks off quite sublimely with title themeOn Days Like These sung by Matt Monro, and this leads in a slow, organ-led, jazz groove Something’s Cookin which sets the pace for the whole album. Humorous moments include variations on Rule Britannia played by a string quartet, and a bizarre harpsichord-led jazz version of Greensleeves, but the film’s charm and whit is perhaps best displayed by the Cockney-style singalong Get A Bloomin' Move On presented in both vocal and instrumental versions. Better known as The Self-Preservation Society this quirky, catchy tune has been used in Nat West TVcommercials and has been sampled on several pop records, and is without doubt the reason why this album is so sought-after. The only complaints are that this is straight re-issue of the original album, and it would have been nice to have some bonus material, and while the  inlay card contains a brief essay on the reason for the film’s popularity, there is no information on the recording, or the composer which would have been very welcome. In Britain this title should be available in most shops. David Noades

PIERO PICCIONI Puppet On A Chain OST, DC Recordings DC39CD, 18 tracks, 31:49 mins. Lifted from an obscure Amsterdam-based spy movie (based on an Alistair McLean novel), this previously unreleased score written by Italian composer Piero Piccioni is a delightful blend of swinging sixties lounge music and dramatic orchestral themes. Tracks such as the title theme, Night Club and Big Action are perfect examples of groovy, driving up-tempo themes, which stand up very well on their own, while a lot of the other material requires knowledge of the film to appreciate their subtleties and complexities. There are some nice touches here however including a spine-tingling church organ onThe Funeral and a stabbing piano heartbeat effect on The Fear. Interestingly the music was recorded in England, performed by The London Sinfonia and was conducted by Harry Rabinowitz. In Britain this is available from larger branches of HMV and HMV mail order (tel 08705 334578), and Rhythm Records, London (tel 0207 2670123). David Noades

LOOT OSTKeith Mansfield/Steve Ellis, RPM228, 13 tracks, 31:28 mins. Probably best known today as a production music composer for KPM, Keith Mansfield originally had a successful career as a pop producer and occasional film composer. Here he has combined elements of both providing a pop-friendly, funky rock score for the film version of Joe Orton¹s classic black comedy featuring vocals from ex Love Affair lead singer Steve Ellis (Mansfield produced the band in his days at CBS). The score features a series of soulful pop songs linked with big band instrumentals and snippets of dialogue from the film resulting in a fascinating non-stop musical melange which works from beginning to end. With the usual session musician on hand in the shape of Alan Hawkshaw (keyboards), Herbie Flowers (bass guitar) and Alan Parker (guitars), etc, it’s a superbly arranged, tightly performed package which deserves a wider audience than it received on its original release in 1970. Available in most shops in Britain. David Noades

Nino Nardini and Roger Roger, Jungle Obsession, (France) Pulp Flavor DD014CD 13 tracks, 34:19 mins. This amazing CD is a reissue of a highly obscure Creasound production music album featuring a baker’s dozen of deliciously haunting themes. Although recorded in 1971 the music harks back to the 50s and the exotic sounds of Martin Denny and Les Baxter with a superb blend of African rhythms, strings, bird calls and spine-tingling siren-like harmonies. However it is very much a product of its time as French composers Roger Roger and Nino Nardini (aka George Teperino) have included modern devices such electric guitars, synthesisers and a string machine which make an occasional appearances, resulting in a decidedly unique avante garde sound. Highlights include the title track with its rock guitar riffs and kettle drums interjections, Bagheera which blends ethereal voices, strings and synthesiser to great effect and the jazz-like mix of vibes and guitar on Bali Girl, but each and every track is a treat for the ears. The sleeve notes give a brief biography of both composers but give away little away about the origins of the music. This CD is available from Jack Diamond Music (USA), or you can also contact Pulp Flavor direct atwww.pulpflavor.comDavid Noades

Various artists, Pop Shopping Volume One, CDHW 069, 28 tracks, 67.38. Pop Shopping Volume Two, (Germany) CDHW 028, 27 tracks, 73:20 mins. Lifted from a variety of rare German promotional records these superb compilations feature a selection of full length vocal and instrumental pieces originally used in German TV and cinema advertising in the 1960s and early 1970s. Earlier examples such as The Shoe Shoe Twist and The Nescafé Calypso are very much cliched products of their time, however most are superb pieces of sophisticated beat music courtesy of the country’s top session men. These tightly-arranged themes and extended jingles are the handiwork of some of Germany’s top composers including Gert Wilden, Klaus Doldinger, Johnny Teupen and Peter Thomas, who all made their names working in this field. Each and every track is a sound adventure in itself with strange rhythm patterns, unusual instruments and occasional breathy vocals, but highlights include Wilden’s bouncy Moulinex theme, Peter Scirmann’s spaghetti western spoof for BMW cars, Luigi Pelliccioni’s Variation K for BASF which cleverly uses the acronym’s four letters (in German) as notes in the opening fanfare (Bb, A, Eb, F), and Christian Bruhn’s funky Ford Taunus theme which has borrowed a lot from Isaac Hayes’ Shaft theme. Even if you’re not familiar with the obscure German products the music stands up well on its own, and these collections will appeal to more than just fans of advertising themes. The stylish packaging deserves a mention as in both cases the CD inlay cards, tray cards and discs humorously imitate some of the products featured. However one complaint: the tracklisting on Volume 2 is in the wrong order and the so the sleevenotes inside do not make sense and it’s impossible to work out which track is which! In Britain this is available from larger branches of HMV and HMV mail order (tel 08705 334578). David Noades Editor: David Noades has kindly offered to assist any RFS members who may have difficulty in finding any of the CDs he has reviewed in this issue. You can write to him care of the Secretary, or contact him direct by e-mail at: 

FRANKIE RANDALL and the Vincent Falcone Orchestra ‘Right Now@ The Best is Yet to Come, All or Nothing at All, Where or When, I Rememebr You, The Summer Wind, Slow Boat to China, You Make me Feel so Young, Get me to the Church on Time, The Lady is a Tramp, I Love You Just the Way you Are, You’re Nobody ‘till Somebody Loves You, Come Rain or Come Shine, I’ve Got You Under me Skin, Night and Day. (USA) Tin Bar Recording – no catalogue number. I did not know the name ‘Frankie Randall’! My interest was aroused by the backing orchestra, a name well known to the Farnon fraternity! The sparse sleeve notes state that Frank Sinatra entrusted many of his favourite arrangements to Frankie as a likely heir to his throne. There are a few around to dispute this! There have been (and still are) many claiming the same crown. Sinatra was a one off! If you have most of the tracks listed above in your Sinatra collection this is not for you. That said, it’s a cracking orchestra (although unaccredited), a fine set of tunes, and Frankie is a great, if not unique, singer. The CD does use many updated Sinatra charts, so the album has three plusses! When I mentioned I had bought the album to good friend and fellow member George Fraser, he informed me that Frankie Randall made several albums in the middle 60s with backings provided by Billy May, Marty Paich, Manny Albam and others of the same calibre, so Frankie has always moved in the right circles! I do not have all Sinatra’s recordings on CD, so this album was a welcome addition for my listening pleasure. Paul Clatworthy This CD is distributed by Beverly Hills Records Inc., PO Box 3216, Beverley Hills, CA 90212, USA – telephone 818 788 0215. In Britain it is imported by Montpellier Records and other specialist dealers.

All The Rage: Mandolin Ensemble Music from 1897-1924 The Boston Ideal March, Laughing Eyes, La Tipica Dance of the Lunatics ,The Flying Wedge, Gloriana, All the Rage, Estudiantina, My Heart At Thy Sweet Voice, Sweet Corn, Texas Fox Trot, Silver Ripples, Gallantry, Fieldston March.Nashville Mandolin Ensemble Conducted by Paul Martin Zonn. (USA)New World Records 80544–2. Those of you who enjoy the music of Troise and his Mandoliers or recall the Eberfield Mandolin Orchestra will find this CD a suitable companion. This ensemble is similar in size to that of Troise. Most of the items will probably be unfamiliar to most members, apart from one or two titles such as Estudiantina by Waldteufel and My Heart At Thy Sweet Voice by Saint Saens. The CD also features an arrangement of a lesser known piece by Ketelby called Gallantry.   The ensemble produce a rich mellow sound, at times not unlike that of Troise.  Some  tracks feature a violin, guitar or  accordion in addition to the mandolins, mandolas, etc. Tracks range from novelty items, ragtime, foxtrots, marches to light clasics. The recording quality is good.  The CD can be obtained from specialist import dealers or via the internet at  www.Amazon.Com (classical wing); or you can order direct from the Ensemble's website at where other mandolin recordings are featured.  Beware, not all the CDs listed on the website are light music recordings. However this one is. Brian Stringer

REPRISE MUSICAL REPERTORY THEATRE: 4 Disc Set Finian’s Rainbow 38:34, Kiss Me Kate38:10, South Pacific 48:29, Guys and Dolls 33:07mins. Performed by The Hi-Lo’s, Rosemary Clooney, Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, Debbie Reynolds, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Mary Kaye Trio, Lou Monte, McGuire Sisiters, Clark Dennis, Jo Stafford, Dinah Shore, Clark Dennis, Allan Sherman, Johnny Prophet, Phyllis McGuire, Keely Smith. Arranged by Nelson Riddle, Billy May, Skip Martin, Marty Paitch, Bill Loose, Warren Barker, Gene Puerling, Nathan Van Cleave, Jerry Fielding, George Rhodes, Ralph Smale, George Duning, Herb Spencer. Musical Direction by Morris Stoloff (USA) Reprise Records 2-47775. Why, I was asked, would you want to buy these versions, when you can get the Original Broadway Cast albums? The answer is to be found in David Finkle’s sleeve notes for this handsomely packaged box set that was released by Reprise Records in late 2001. Produced by Sinatra himself, it first appeared in 1963 on what was then his own label. ‘What Sinatra wanted….. was not to replicate original cast albums…. He was looking for something else. He wanted some of the best singers to put across in their inimitable ways some of the best songs ever written, and he wanted them all set forth in the best arrangements that knock-out arrangers …… could conjure’. Not only do the credits speak for themselves, but also a magnificent swing orchestra with a large string section accompanies the whole production. That early 60s stereo sound, with its exceptionally clear mix-down, is blissfully evident. Twice issued on LP over the years, it’s good to get the set on CD at last. ‘Guys and Dolls’, arguably the most successful of the four, was the only album reissued separately on CD until now. British purchasers will at last be able to read the sleeve notes for each album because they are included in the booklet. These were originally printed on foldout covers issued in the USA and Australian markets. All the albums have bright Overtures, and, true to the name of the label, there’s always a reprise by Sinatra in duet for the standout number from each show. This gives Riddle, Paitch and Van Cleave the challenge of writing a second arrangement, which they all produce effortlessly. Recommended if you like the full, over the top Hollywood sound, but definitely not for the purists. I found the existence of this album on the Reprise website, but had trouble tracking down retail outlets, as it doesn’t appear in major online catalogues. So you may have to shop around, as prices are varied when you do find suppliers through, for example, Expect to pay around US$40 for the set. Richard Hindley

KENNETH ALFORD, MASTER OF MILITARY MUSIC By Land and Sea, Cavalry of the Clouds, Colonel Bogey, Dunedin, Eagle Squadron, H.M. Jollies, The Voice of the Guns, The Thin Red Line, The Standard of St. George, The Middy, Great Little Army, On the Quarterdeck, Colonel Bogey on Parade [Alford]; Dance in the Twilight [E. Coates], Lilliburlero, A Life on the Ocean Wave [arr. Alford]; Fanfare, The Royal Tounament [Vivian Dunn]; Out of the Blue [H. Bath]; In Party Mood [J. Strachey].Bands/conductors unspecified but mostly conducted by Alford. Alford [1881-1945], whose real name was Frederick Joseph Ricketts, was indisputably Britain’s "March King", although not everyone realizes that his reputation is based on just 18 military marches [Sousa composed many times that number], plus a few non-march pieces and many arrangements. Twelve of the eighteen are on this vintage CD, plus Alford’s march potpourri Colonel Bogey on Parade, other arrangements of his and one or two more or less appropriate "fillers" by others. Disappointingly, the bands playing are not listed [in view of this issue’s considerable historical importance, they should have been] but we can safely assume that most tracks are by the Royal Marines [Plymouth Division] Band, conducted by Alford himself, who play with great spirit. The recordings, some of which go back to the 1920s, have been well transferred. Philip L Scowcroft CD CMM [Tape TMM] available from This England, PO Box 52, Cheltenham, GL50 1YQ for £8.95 [£7.50] including p&p.

SONGS MY FATHER TAUGHT ME Passing By [E Purcell]; The Lark in the Clear Air [arr. P Tate]; My Dearest Heart, The Lost Chord [Sullivan], Until [W Sanderson]; Drink to Me Only [arr. Quilter]; Love’s Garden of Roses, It is Only a Tiny Garden, A Brown Bird Singing, Bird of Love Divine [Haydn Wood]; Love Could I Only Tell Thee [J M Caple]; A Mood [Alison Travers]; Smilin’ Through [A Penn]; The Holy City [Adams]; The Cheviot Hills [Jack Robson]; On the Banks of the Wabash [P Dresser]; She is Far from the Land, God’s Garden [Frank Lambert]; In Summertime on Bredon [G Peel]; The Trumpeter [Diss]; Tell the Boys Come Home [Novello]; Trees [Rasbach]; The Old House [F O’Connor]; Bird Songs at Eventide [Coates]; I’ll Walk Beside You [A Murray] Sir Thomas Allen[baritone], Malcolm Martineau [piano] Hyperion CD 67290. This most enjoyable disc contains, seemingly, most of the ballads everyone knows – from the 1870s to the 1930s – and a few others besides. Two [Trees and Banks of the Wabash], perhaps three [Smilin’ Through] are American, the rest British. Frank Lambert is little heard nowadays but his two examples are well worth listening to; and Geordie composer Jack Robson’s Cheviot Hills is shapely, too. Graham Peel’s fluent Bredon was in its day as popular as the settings of Butterworth and Vaughan Williams, while the four Haydn Wood examples remind us what a fine writer for the voice he was. We have had several good CD ballad releases of recent years, but Sir Thomas, gloriously even in tone and sensitive in interpretation, sings these songs as well if not better than most. Malcolm Martineau is a sympathetic accompanist. The recording is excellent and I cannot imagine the disc failing to give pleasure. Philip L ScowcroftAll Hyperion CDs are available from the RFS Record Service.

NELSON RIDDLE: Route 66 and other Great TV Themes The Alvin Show, Andy Griffith, Ben Casey, My Three Sons, The Untouchables, Naked City, Sing Along, The Defenders, Sam Benedict, Dr. Kildare, This Could be the Start of Something More Hit TV ThemesBeverly Hillbillies, Bonanza, Andy Williams, Stoney Burke, McHale’s Navy, Dickens and Fenster, Supercar, Have Gun Will Travel, Lucy Show, Laurence Welk, New Naked City Theme, Dick Van Dyke EMI Capitol 7243 5384132, 55:54 mins. This superb CD brings together two classic collectable LPs from 1962 and 1963 respectively. Most of the themes are recognisable, with the exception of a few American TV shows unknown in Britain. The sound quality on these arrangements is faultless as one would expect from EMI. The booklet reproduces thr fornt and back covers from both LPs, but no recording dates are given. To any collector of TV themes this CD is highly recommended. John R. Forster

PHINEAS NEWBORN Jr. (piano) with Dennis Farnon and his Orchestra ‘While My Lady Sleeps’ Moonlight in Vermont, Don’t You Know I Care, Lazy Mood, I’m Old Fashioned, Black in the Colour of my True Love’s Hair, While My Lady Sleeps, It’s Easy to Remember, Bali Ha’I, If I Should Lose You (France) BMG – RCA Victor Gold series 7432 1851572 (CD reissue of RCA Victor LP LPM-1474 recorded 1957). Dennis Farnon and George Shearing collaborated on the arrangements for Shearing’s Capitol album "Velvet Carpet", but he gets full control of this beautiful reissue. The French seem to have a knack of discovering gems such as this, whereas the parent record companies seem content to let them gather dust! There were so many orchestral albums around when this saw light of day, but not many people of my age could afford them all. I am not even sure if it reached England at the time, so I am more than grateful for the chance to catch up with what I missed the first time around. Congratulations to producer Daniel Baumgarten who is obviously a man of taste! Reviewer Alex Dutith states that it’s one of the few dazzling examples of ‘jazz with strings’ – an observation I fully endorse! The first shimmer of delectable strings on the opening number announces you are in Farnon country. The late Stan Roderick summed it up with the words "Isn’t it lovely up on this cloud?" Newborn was busy touring when the album was being set up so Dennis wrote all the sparkling charts without any input from Newborn until the actual recording. The album is a must for every member of our Society. Paul Clatworthy

PATTY CLARK ‘I Love You’ I Love You, You Go To My Head, So Many Stars, I Get Along Without You Very Well, I Didn’t Know What Time It Was, Don’t Get Around Much Anymore, They All Laughed, I Wonder, I Remember You/Nearness Of You, I See Your Face Before Me, Meditation, My Funny Valentine, Lover Come Back To Me, Good Morning Heartache, Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me. (USA) Mainstem MSTCD 0025. The name Patty Clark will not be familiar to many, but in the States she had a successful singing career with her own Radio and TV programmes on NBC, she appeared with Bob Hope and did a successful season with Johnny Desmond on CBS with the revived "Glenn Miller Show". All of which garnered critical acclaim, so it was surprising that she retired from the music scene for many years following her marriage to impresario Tony Fantozzi. About 18 months ago she decided to return to the Studio ,not just any studio but the prestigious Capitol studio in Hollywood, with a 55 piece Orchestra arranged and conducted by Lou Forestieri and including some jazz soloists Gary Foster (tenor)Doug Webb (soprano) and Bob McChesney (trombone). The result is an extremely polished collection of fine standards sung with an assured mature voice; the arrangements are a nice balance of string settings and small jazz group backings to full blown big-band charts. Clearly Patty is no stranger to this material, the experience shows through. Her rendering of "Good Morning Heartache" as a straight ballad, without the "angst" of other singers, makes it sound fresh and new. There’s a nice coupling of "I Remember You" and "The Nearness of You" which go together quite seamlessly. We seem to have an abundance of girl singers to-day, but few who can match Patty Clark’s interpretations from the standard songbook repertoire. This a welcome release that will not disappoint those who like good songs well sung without affectation, to some excellent backings. All expertly engineered by the legendary Al Schmit. Seek it out next time you’re browsing in your local record shop. Footnote - Patty Clark hails from North Dakota at the age of 17 she was singed up by the local NBC radio station in Fargo and they changed her name from Patricia Larson. It was the same radio station that has some years earlier changed the name of a certain Norma Engstrom to Peggy Lee. Albert Killman

"THE FOUNDERS" Recordings for the Silver Jubilee of the International Military Music SocietyDrum Salute, The Founders (L. Cullen); Plymouth Hoe (John Ansell); Bugle March, HMS Ocean (R.A. Waterer); Dance Movement (P. Sparke); Baroque ‘N’ Roll (K. Peers); Overture, Colas Breygnon (Kabalevsky); Pavan, Sicut Aquilae (R. Wiffin); Lover (arr. Martindale); Spitfire Prelude (William Walton); Staffordshire Yeomanry March (Geoffrey Kingston); Duke of Cambridge March 9Malcolm Arnold); Triumphale (Pascuzzi); March, Coronation Bells (Partridge); Evening Hymn and Last Post (arr. R. Tulip). History of Military Music RM Plymouth, RAF Central and RE/REME bands conducted by Richard Waterer, Robert Wiffin and Geoffrey Kingston Chevron CHVCD12. The Silver Jubilee of the International Military Music Society is worthily celebrated with a fascinating book‘Sound The Trumpets, Beat The Drums’ (which includes a chapter on Military Bands on Radio by RFS member Brian Reynolds), and by this CD in four parts: specially recorded contributions representing all three services, and a potted history of military music with brief recorded illustrations. Each of the present service music chiefs, Wiffin (RAF), Waterer (Royal Marines) and Kingston (Army) is represented by a composition showing that good military music is still being written, aqs may be seen also from Sparke’s Dance Movement and Pascuzzi’s Triumphale, both brightly scored, not to mention the more overtly popular arrangements. The Walton was an obvious choice for the RAF;Plymouth Hoe for the Marines; while the Arnold (written for Kneller Hall’s centenary in 1957) and Partridge marches are both stirring ones – for some IMMS members marches are the only military band music! Performances match the occasion. Philip Scowcroft See page 82 of our last issue for details of how to obtain Chevron CDs.

INSPIRATIONS OF LONDON Theme from Shaft, Dreaming Eyes, Keep Off, Sweet Honey Honey, Moon Over Moscow, New Paradise, Bloody Border, Sylvester’s Party, Wenn der Tag zu ende Geht, Clairons and Clairettes, Chrysan Theme, Hurricane, City Sound, Freezing, Ambros High Life, Cloudy Day, Four Friends, Soley Soley, Relax, Inspirations of London Ambros Seelos Orchestra Teleplay Music TPM 1001. Here are 20 golden tracks from the 1970s featuring a big band from Germany and its soloists performing some great instrumentals. This album features 20 great tracks featuring the big band and orchestral sounds of the renowned Ambros Seelos Orchestra. All recordings were made in the 1970's and 15 of the tracks regularly accompanied BBC Television's Test Card in the UK between 1972 and 1978. Musicians featured on the recordings include Horst Michalke, Ed Sperber, Ian Fenby, Georges Delagaye and, of course, Ambros Seelos. This CD has been compiled with care and a great deal of thought has gone into its balance of musical styles. Because this is not just a big band CD where you hear the first couple of tracks and know the rest of the CD is going to be the same. This is a CD of variety. Some tracks are instantly familiar, but others will be new to you; each track is an instrumental masterpiece which will delight all the fans of melodic tuneful big band music of the 70s era. Malcolm Batchelor This CD has been produced by Andrew Evans, and he has offered to supply it to fellow RFS members at a special price of £10 inclusive of postage and packing. Cheques or postal orders (sterling only) should be in favour of ‘Teleplay Music’ and sent to Teleplay Music, 16 Gadsby Avenue, Wolverhampton, WV11 3EH. Credit card orders can be placed via the website: – price $16.

FRANZ LEHAR Fata Morgana (Gypsy Feast), Suite de Danse, Chinese Ballet Suite & Character Dances from ‘Peter and Paul in Cockaigne’. Radio Sinfonieorchester Berlin cond. by Michail Jurowski CPO 999761-2. For lovers of light music – and that, of course, goes for all readers of this magazine – may I wholeheartedly recommend this CD. It consists of 19 tracks of brilliant, tuneful, catchy and unfamiliar orchestral music by Franz Lehar. Apart from a short snatch of music fromZigeunerliebe in the first track, I’ve never heard any of the pieces before. To paraphrase David Mellor’s Classic FM Sunday programme, "If you liked that you’ll like this". Ken Wilkins Editor: the Vocalion CD of music by Franz Lehar, reviewed by John Govier in our last issue (page 79), has been warmly received by RFS members. Another recent CPO CD offers a 1939 Radio Concert from Saarbrüchen conducted by Franz Lehar, featuring some of his songs as well as orchestral works (CPO 999 781-2). CPO CDs are available from the RFS Record Service.

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