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We are all familiar with the great value Vocalion CDs offering two original LPs on one CD. Mike Dutton has been pursuing this policy since the very first CD in the CDLK series back in March 2000. But sometimes this can cause problems if the artist featured has not made more than one LP for the company from which the recordings are being licensed. Occasionally the CD can be ‘topped up’ with a few singles or an EP, but this isn’t always possible. Another solution is to pair two different singers or orchestras, but this hasn’t always met with general approval from record buyers.

Therefore Mike Dutton has launched a new series which will feature just one LP or, exceptionally, two smaller 10" LPs. The prefix for these is CDLF, and observant readers will note that ‘LF’ was familiar with Decca 10" LPs, whereas the 12" discs had ‘LK’. The price of this new series of CDs will be the same as for the CDEA and CDUS releases – typically £5.99 in most record stores. They appear to be excellent value for money, and it should now be possible for a number of artists to be considered for CD reissue who have previously been ruled out.

Here are the first releases:

CDLF8100 HARRY JAMES The Golden Trumpet of Harry James
CDLF8101 LES PAUL Les Paul Now!
CDLF8103 VIC LEWIS Mulligan’s Music & Progressive Jazz Vol. 1
CDLF8104 KISMET Mantovani, Robert Merrill, Adele Leigh, Kenneth McKellar
CDLF8105 DAVID HUGHES 16-18th Century Songs of Love
CDLF8106 JOSEF LOCKE The World of Josef Locke Today
CDLF8107 BING CROSBY Feels Good, Feels Right
CDLF8108 ANTON KARAS Vienna City of Dreams
CDLF8109 JOHNNY KEATING Swing Revisited
CDLF8110 DAVID SNELL The Subtle Sound of David Snell
CDLF8111 JEANNIE CARSON The Girl with S.Q.

Other August releases from Vocalion include:

CDVS1942 FATS WALLER Ain’t Misbehavin’
CDEA6096 AMBROSE Volume 6 : As Time Goes By – The War Years
CDLK4241 RONNIE ALDRICH Two Pianos in Hollywood/Invitation to Love
CDLK4242 EDMUNDO ROS Latin Melodies/Standards A La Ros

No doubt some of these new CDs will be reviewed in our next issue. In the meantime, all of them are available now from the RFS Record Service.

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