The Golden Age of Light Music and Historic Recordings from Chappell Recorded Music Library (1942-1945)

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Two more CDs are now available from Guild Music in their exciting new series:

The Golden Age of Light Music

Click to enlargeThe 1930s

1 Curtain Up – from "Ballerina Suite" (Arthur Wood) BBC VARIETY ORCHESTRA Conducted by CHARLES SHADWELL with REGINALD FOORT, Organ 2 Wedding Of The Rose (Leon Jessel) JACK HYLTON AND HIS ORCHESTRA 3 ‘Westwards’ from "Four Ways Suite" (Eric Coates) NEW LIGHT SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Conducted by JOSEPH LEWIS 4 Tea Dolls’ Parade (L. Noiret) WEST END CELEBRITY ORCHESTRA 5 Plymouth Hoe (John Ansell) LIGHT SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Conducted by JOHN ANSELL 6 Glow Worm Idyll (Paul Lincke) NEW LIGHT SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA 7 March Of The Bowmen – from "Robin Hood Suite" (Frederic Curzon) LONDON PALLADIUM ORCHESTRA Conducted by CLIFFORD GREENWOOD 8 The Immortals – Concert Overture (Reginald King) LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Conducted by WALTER GOEHR 9 Butterflies In The Rain (Sherman Myers) FRED HARTLEY’S QUINTET 10 May Day Overture (Haydn Wood) LIGHT SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Conducted by HAYDN WOOD 11 Moths Around Tbe Candle Flame (Dolphe, Gordon, Randal) ALFREDO CAMPOLI AND HIS SALON ORCHESTRA 12 Overture from "Tänzerische Suite" (Dance Suite) (Eduard Künneke) BERLIN PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA Conducted by EDUARD KÜNNEKE 13 The Nightingale’s Morning Greeting (Recktenwald) MAREK WEBER AND HIS ORCHESTRA 14 Slaughter On Tenth Avenue – from ‘On Your Toes’ (Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart) PAUL WHITEMAN AND HIS CONCERT ORCHESTRA 15 Dance Of The Icicles – from "The Wooing of the Snowflakes" (Kennedy Russell) LESLIE JEFFRIES AND HIS ORCHESTRA 16 Samum (Carl Robrecht, arr. Phil Cardew) BBC DANCE ORCHESTRA Conducted by HENRY HALL 17 Music From The Movies – 1937 selection March of the Movies, We Saw the Sea, Would You? Top Hat, My Heart and I, Broadway Rhythm, Where Are You? September in the Rain, Thanks a Million, Lovely Lady, I Saw a Ship a-sailing, March of the Movies LOUIS LEVY AND HIS GAUMONT-BRITISH SYMPHONY GUILD LIGHT MUSIC GLCD5106

Historic Recordings from Chappell Recorded Music Library (1942-1945)


1 London Calling (Eric Coates) C105
2 Morning at Bibury (Charles Shadwell) C107
3 Frontier March (John Holliday) C112
4 The Future (Charles Williams) C120
5 Dancing On The Green (Percy Fletcher) C125
6 Mirage (Eric Coates) C148
7 Moon In The Sky (Billy Reid) C154
8 Minuet in F (Sinclair Logan) C155
9 Empire Jubilee March (Denis Wright) C156
10 At The Court Of Cleopatra (Percy Fletcher) C159
11 Beachy Head Overture (Frank Tapp) C161
12 Lulworth Cove (Charles Shadwell) C163
13 Virginia – A Southern Rhapsody (Haydn Wood) C168
14 Overture to an Irish Comedy (John Ansell) C169
15 Hillside Melody (Montague Phillips) C170
16 Naval Splendour (Clive Richardson) C178
17 Manx Rhapsody (Haydn Wood) C180
18 Forest Melody (Montague Phillips) C182
19 Seaford Head (Charles Williams) C189
20 May Day at Helston (John Holliday) C192
21 Marianne (Charles Williams) C194
22 Rhythm on Rails (Charles Williams) C195
23 Witches’ Ride (Charles Williams) C203
24 Tom Tom The Piper’s Son (Charles Williams) C212
25 Always (Kenneth Leslie-Smith) C215
26 Summer Garden (Charles Williams) C217
27 Mulberry (Kenneth Leslie-Smith) C235
28 The Glass Slipper – Overture (Clifton Parker) C239

C105 to C192 were recorded at EMI Studios, Abbey Road, London. From C194 onwards, recordings were made at Levy’s Sound Studios, 73 New Bond Street, London.


These two latest Guild Light Music CDs include a good number of tracks that have never been available on CD before … in fact some are making their very first commercial release. The sound quality achieved by Alan Bunting on the 1930s collection is truly amazing, confirming yet again that the recording engineers at that time were getting far more of the music into those coarse grooves, than the contemporary playing equipment was capable of releasing. The 1930s CD contains several rare 78s that have been provided by RFS members, and even more ‘forgotten treasures’ will be turning up on later releases in this series. David Ades

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