Blue Tango -- Very Best of Leroy Anderson Light Classics -- Iain Sutherland Concert Orchestra

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New Leroy Anderson CD

"Leroy Anderson (1908-1975) was arguably the most successful 20th century American composer of light orchestral music, at a time when the genre was known internationally. Sadly, opportunities today to hear the music of Anderson and many other highly gifted composers of music in the lighter vein are exceptionally rare, so it is through the medium of recordings that we can still experience, and react to, such wonderfully inspired and attractive music as we find on this CD.

Iain Sutherland was for many years conductor of BBC's "Friday Night is Music Night" broadcasts (one of the very few regular programmes to feature this style of music), and his performances of music of this character are endemic to a conductor who seems to have these pieces as part of his cardio-vascular system. Throughout this highly enjoyable CD, the performances are just as they should be - this colourful and attractive music benefiting hugely from the quality this gifted conductor brings to it.

Iain Sutherland's Concert Orchestra is made up of excellent players and of full orchestral strength. The recordings are excellently balanced. But, the main attraction is the music itself - a piece such as "Serenata" is manifestly inspired; once heard, this wonderful music becomes quite unforgettable. Highly recommended.

Robert Mathew-Walker.
With acknowledgements to ‘/Musical Opinion’ / Classical Music Magazine

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