27 May

John Fox

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Having studied at the Royal College of Music in London, where he won a composition scholarship, John Fox made his first BBC Broadcast in the late 1950's and has featured on a great deal of broadcasting since then, including arranging and conducting for the BBC Radio Orchestra, with the accent on strings. Millions of listeners in Britain, Europe, the United States, Japan and particularly Germany have found pleasure and exhilaration in his broadcasts from the BBC, United States Networks, his record albums, compact discs and live performances.


He has written scores for films and television, composing in many different styles, demonstrating his extraordinary skill, using massive sounds right down to small forces.

also enjoys writing for voices -"The John Fox Singers" - hence the reason in some of his lush arrangements voices are used to add colour to the orchestral texture. He has a great affection towards the French Impressionist School --and also has an intense respect for Gershwin. John's compositions and arrangements have a distinct string sound, the ability to "pull at the heart strings" is truly remarkable.

recent activities have been to conduct concerts in Europe (using his own compositions and arrangements) featuring his lovely wife Joy Devon as vocalist. One of the Cologne Concerts in particular was most memorable for both of them -they were given a standing ovation from a packed concert hall. More recently John's "Earth and Space" suite for a large orchestra and choir was performed successfully at Huntington in England.

few months ago, John's double C.D. "Twilight Time" was launched in the U.S.A. and U.K. -again with the accent on lush strings bringing beautiful easy listening sounds to the listener.

Fox is a good pianist and he likes to take part on his many C.D.'s, especially accompanying vocalist Joy Devon (husband and wife team).

is much involved in writing for Library Music, where his versatile compositions reach out to a worldwide market for T.V., Films. Radio and commercials etc.

can see that John's life is full of variety and lots of challenges along the way. He feels lucky to be able to conduct his own arrangements and compositions which go out to many parts of the world, bringing people closer together through the magic of his music.

George Gershwin" -"Here There and Everywhere" - "Memory" -"Fairest Isle" "Unforgettable Melodies"- "Love is a Many Splendoured Thing" -"Twilight Time" -"Classical Arrangements"- "Heartstrings" -"Grand Hotel" and "Listen Easy 6o'sno's "(BBC) to name but a few, also many titles you can choose on the Internet to your own liking.

John Fox Concerts Series: 1 -6 -The Musical World of John Fox -The Magic of John Fox -Friday Night is Music Night - Music of the Stars. B.B.C. Radio 2. Series: String Sound - Romantic Strings -Orchestral Favourites -The Radio Orchestra Show- Stemma Music Award.

include: BBC , Radio --BBC World-wide Service,-- BBC Radio Orchestra and Concert Orchestra. W.D.R. Cologne. Germany, --Bonneville International Corporation, (U.S.A.) --l.o.M. (U.S.A.) --and John Fox Presents Programmes.

Courtesy Amphonic Music Ltd. 2002

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